Bitcoin is an awesome way for you to make transactions online. However, Bitcoin is not necessarily anonymous. People will still be able to review the blockchain network and link the transactions you made to your real-life identities. Bitcoin Mixing (also called Bitcoin Tumbling) is one of the most effective ways of disguising your identity from the rest of the blockchain network because it severs the ties that link you with the transactions you made with Bitcoin. BestCryptoMixers is a platform of resources for everything you need to know about coin mixing and a comprehensive list of all the best Bitcoin Mixers there is!

Why should i use bitcoin mixer?

You may not know this, but the reality is Bitcoin is not completely anonymous; instead, it’s pseudonymous. While making transactions with Bitcoin does not require you to expose your identity, the wallet you use can be traced back to you by people who have the agenda to snoop into your business. That’s what Bitcoin Mixers are for! It breaks the link between you and the coins you sent by pooling them with the coins of other users so you will have a clean, untraceable coin back. With Bitcoin Mixing, you can make Bitcoin transactions without the fear of being exposed to the world!

How does Bitcoin mixer works?

Bitcoin mixers serve as a laundromat for the coins you send and receive through Bitcoin. It cleans all the traces of your identity that are associated with transactions you made like your wallet address, amounts you sent/received, the time and date, among others. In general, Bitcoin mixers receive coins from different users and mix them all up. The same amount of clean coins will randomly be sent to the destination wallet to stop the trail of the transaction that can be linked from one Bitcoin wallet to another.

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Bitcoin Tumblers - BEST OF 2022

Bitcoin mixing (or Bitcoin Tumbling) is one of the most effective ways to disguise your identity while using cryptocurrencies online. It protects you from being traced through your transactions as it severs the continuity of the transaction chain involving the coins that you have. There are a lot of Bitcoin mixers available for you to choose from. Aside from Bitcoins, coin mixing can also be done with Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Light coin, Dash, and other cryptocurrencies. Choosing the best coin mixer is not simple; but here in BestCryptoMixer, we help you understand the different features each mixer offers their users so that you can decide on your own how and with what are you going to mix your digital coins.

Not all Bitcoin (or Cryptocurrency) mixers are good, but there are some that can exceed expectations. There are others that have very low rates, while others offer more flexibility in terms of the service fee you can pay the platform to mix your coins. Above everything else, we compare the different platforms to know what their advantages and disadvantages are to guide you in making the decision.

After all, what Bitcoin tumbler you use depends on what features you value the most and what level of security and privacy you want to achieve. Nonetheless, what’s important is you mix your coin with a trusted mixer or tumbler so that you can make your online transactions without the fear of getting tracked or spied on.