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Along with quality, price is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing for the right Bitcoin mixers. Among all the service providers we have reviewed so far, Mixer Tumbler is one of the most expensive. It charges a randomized service fee between 1% to 5% which is way more expensive than other services on the market. On top of that, they are also requiring users a minimum deposit of 0.1BTC which is too high of a value as compared to other Bitcoin mixers out there. While the platform also offer discounts and other cool features like native support, the high price tag makes in impractical to use this service.

  • Not available in US and Canada
  • Minimum deposit is very high
  • Randomized fee
  • No .onion url

What is MixerTumbler.com?

MixerTumbler is a Bitcoin mixing service provider with a very unique pricing system. Much like any other Bitcoin mixers out there, MixerTumbler mixes your coin with a pool of previously sent coins to their inventory and send you back a clean and untraceable new coin. What sets MixerTumbler apart from the rest is its pricing strategy. 

Instead of charging a fixed fee, the platform is randomizing the service fee in order to add a layer of protection for users. According to their website, by randomizing the service fee, it would be harder for anyone looking at your transaction to know that your coins passed by a mixing service – adding a layer of anonymity and privacy to your coins. 

Before you can successfully mix your coins with MixerTumbler, you need to provide the Bitcoin address from which your coins will be taken. This address therefore serves as the sending address which allows the mixer to add your coins to the pool.

Mix your coins with MixerTumbler.com

MixerTumbler.com Features

No Registration

Much like most of the Bitcoin mixing service available in the market today, Mixer Tumbler does not require users to create an account and register to the platform before they can start mixing their coins. The coin mixing process can be done directly to their website and all you need to do is to input your address and start mixing the coins.

Secured Servers

One of the features advertised in the platform’s website is that it is run through a secured and unique server. Having a service provider with secured server guarantees users that the platform is not vulnerable to external intrusions and attack and users can make sure that no other person can see their transaction during the mixing process.

Automatic log removal

Transaction logs are always vulnerable to intrusions. This is the reason why it is highly important that your bitcoin mixing platform automatically delete them regularly. According to MixerTumbler, it’s algorithm is designed to permanently delete all transaction history as soon as the conditions of a specific order have been met.


While MixerTumbler is also accessible via its website, you can always (and it is highly recommended) use the Tor browser to access the website. However, according to the platform, they don’t have an onion URL because they need to log your data.

FoxMixer.com - how much is the fee?

As earlier mentioned, Mixer Tumbler has a unique pricing strategy. Instead of charging a fixed fee or letting users decide how much fee they want to pay for the service, they are charging a randomized service fee. This means that for every transaction, you will not know how much they will charge. Instead, you will be paying between 1% to 5% of your total transaction and it’s determined randomly by the system.

How long does a mixing take on MixerTumbler.com?

The entire mixing process can be determined by the user. Hence, it totally depend on the delay set by the user. You can set your delay between 30 minutes and 1200 minutes before the entire mixing process is completed. Additionally, the service requires at least three (3) blockchain confirmations to allow the transaction to pass. However, there are cases that a transaction needs to wait up to six (6) blockchain confirmations.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit needed for the platform to process a mix is 0.01BTC. Any deposit below that amount will be considered unfit for mixing and will be tagged as a donation to Mixer Tumbler.

What are the advantages of using MixerTumbler?

Good platform UX

The platform has a very good user experience interface. This means that it is designed in such a way that beginners can understand and follow through. A good UX interface is very important as not everyone who want to mix their coins have technical knowledge of Bitcoin and mixers.

Good support and they delete support ticket logs

Mixer Tumbler has a native support system. This means that you don’t have to email them or send a message to them through a third party platform. You just need to go to their websites contact page and fill up the support request form to get a response from their team. Furthermore, they also delete all support ticket logs after an issue is resolved to make sure that there will be no trace that you had a transaction with them.

What are the disadvantages of MixerTumbler.com?

It charges a randomized fee

While it is true that randomizing the fee will provide an extra layer of privacy to users, the way that Mixer Tumbler does it makes it very expensive for users. For every transaction, they randomly charge a user between 1% to 5%, which means that at a given time, the fee could be as much as 5%. There is terribly high considering that there are mixing platforms that provide more service for only 0.4% to 2.5% and that users can determine how much they want to pay within the range.

The minimum deposit is too high

As mentioned earlier, the minimum deposit needed for a transaction to be processed is 0.1BTC. This amount is relatively higher than most of the Bitcoin mixing services out there and it denies access to those who have small funds. It also makes it expensive for users to test the service before deciding if MixerTumber is the best for them.

Not available in US and Canada

Owners of Bitcoin in Canada and the United States are not allowed to mix with this Bitcoin mixer. Many mixers operate different codes which may not be acceptable or accessible in other countries or parts of the world.