How to use Bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin mixers have revolutionized how we use Bitcoin for our transaction. It fills the void that Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) left in terms of privacy and anonymity. What most people don’t realize is that even if Bitcoin does not require users to validate their identities before making a transaction, it still does not offer complete anonymity. Transactions are still connected to someone Bitcoin address and given the open-source nature of the blockchain, it is easy for interested parties to trace one transaction back to a user’s real-life identity.

This is what Bitcoin mixers try to prevent. Mixing coins is one of the most effective ways to make sure that every transaction you make with bitcoin will remain anonymous in the Blockchain. It uses a third-party service platform that mixes the coins you deposit with the coins deposited by other users in one huge pool. The platform will then randomly send back users with fresh, new, and untraceable coins from the pool with the same amount of the coins they initially deposited.

Using Bitcoin mixers is very straightforward. Since the goal of mixers is to make sure that users remain anonymous while using their Bitcoins, most (if not all) platforms do not require a sign in or account creation. Users can simply use the platform and deposit directly to the mixer without the need for an account or identity validation.

In this post, we will walk you through the basic steps on using Bitcoin mixers. For added security and privacy, we will also include several tips you can use in order to add a layer of anonymity to your transactions while using Bitcoin mixers.

How to use Bitcoin mixers? 

Bitcoin mixers that are currently available to users right now pretty much follows a basic process to use. The very first step is to go to the website and (usually) click on “Start Mixing” to lead you to the mixing platform. Some may have extra steps depending on other features that they offer but they all follow these basic processes:

1. Choose the desired currency you wish to mix.

Some Bitcoin mixers or tumblers of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Etherium, among others. The first step in most platforms is to indicate what cryptocurrency you are going to be depositing for mixing.

2. Enter the destination address to receive the clean coins.

The next step is to input the destination address where you want to receive the clean coins. The destination address is the wallet address that you own or you generate where the newly mixed coins will be sent after the entire mixing process is completed. Most platforms allow users to send the clean coins to multiple addresses in smaller quantities to add more layers of anonymity for a fixed fee.

3. Set the percentage fee

As an industry standard, Bitcoin mixers have a flexible service fee. This means that they allow users to determine how much they want to pay to platform for their service. The percentage fee may range from 0.5% to 5%, depending on the platform.

4. Set the delay duration

Setting a delay duration randomizes the time that you receive the mixed coins. This means that it will be harder for other people to trace a certain transaction back to you.

5. Download the Letter of Guarantee.

6. Send the coins to the generated address.

7. Receive clean coins

Tips on Using Bitcoin Mixers to be more anonymous

Use the Tor Browser to access mixing page

Tor browsers are specialized browsers that allow users to access (dot) onion websites. This is the most secure browser because it reroute your internet traffic in different nodes as you access the internet making it difficult for other people to spy on you while browsing. Most Bitcoin mixing platforms are Tor-friendly, meaning, their sites can be accessed using the Tor browsers. More importantly, other mixers even has a specialized (dot) onion URLS to help users be more anonymous while mixing their coins.

Use new, fresh, and multiple destination addresses

Bitcoin addresses are what links your identity to the blockchain transactions you make. That is the reason why it is highly important that for every transaction you make, you use a new and fresh Bitcoin address in order to isolate your previous transactions from your new one. Furthermore, using more than one address adds even more layers of anonymity as explained above.

Use a virtual machine

A virtual machine is a software that allows you to use a virtual computer. It acts like your normal desktop but all transactions and stuff you do in the VM will not affect your actual desktop computer. Using a virtual machine will help you prevent people from linking your transaction back to your device and ultimately to your identity.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Mixing

Using a Bitcoin mixer is pretty straightforward. The steps detailed above is the most common process amongst most of the Bitcoin mixing platforms out there. However, while using Bitcoin mixers provide you with an extra layer of anonymity in making a transaction, it is also important to follow the tips we have shared with you so that you can start mixing without the fear of other people snooping into your transactions!

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