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In general, we think that there better coin mixers in the market than BizMix.biz. However, the platform offers enough good features for it to be considered, especially by users with small budget. For those who wish to mix a huge amount of coins, we don’t think this platform is for you because the rate could be very high. Nonetheless, one guarantee that the platform can offer is its Letter of Guarantee which provides a layer of security for every transaction.Furthermore, since the point of mixing coins is to be anonymous, emailing them for support questions is counterintuitive to that goal.

  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Accessible via TOR
  • Fee can be up to 4%

Bitcoin mixing, also called Bitcoin Tumbling or Bitcoin Laundering, is the process of breaking up the continuity of transactions linked to a specific wallet address; hence, providing a layer of anonymity and privacy to Bitcoin users who don’t want the Blockchain network to know who they are.

While it is a common misconception that Bitcoin (among other cryptocurrencies) is anonymous, it is not entirely true. Making a transaction in Bitcoin provides a certain level of privacy by not requiring personal information when sending or receiving coins. Nonetheless, these transactions are tagged through a unique Bitcoin address and is listed in an open-source ledger called the Blockchain.

With the current online environment, there are definitely multiple ways for interested parties to figure out one’s identity through the Bitcoin transactions they make. Hence, there is a growing popularity in the use of Bitcoin mixing services to increase the level of anonymity when using Bitcoin to make transactions.

There are different Bitcoin mixing services available in the market today. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. That is the reason why users need to know as much as they can when using a Bitcoin service to make sure that what they offer suit the user’s needs and capabilities.

In this post, we will discuss the different features, advantages, and disadvantages of one of the most popular Bitcoin mixing services, BitMix.Biz.

What is BitMix.Biz?

BitMix.biz is another Bitcoin mixing service provider which allows users to “mix” their coins and randomly send them to  a destination wallet (it could be owned by you or by someone you are sending money to). Unlike other Bitcoin mixers that mixes the coins all the users sent to the platform at a given time, BitMix.biz is sending you a pre-mixed Bitcoin or other coins. Once you have filled out the form and provided them a list of the destination addresses, they will immediately process the payout.

Aside from Bitcoin, BitMix.Biz also mixes other coins such as Dash and Litecoin.

Mix your coins with BitMix.biz

BitMix.biz Features

Tiered confirmation per payout

BizMix.com needs different number of confirmations depending on the amount of the coins being processed for mixing before they process the payout. This method adds security to your coins as the number of confirmations needed increases as the value of the coins increase. The minimum number of confirmations it takes for the fastest transaction is 1 while the most number of confirmations is 6.

Here is a summary of confirmations needed to accept transactions in BitMix.Biz:

  • for amount less than next threshold we require 1 confirmation.
  • for amount more or equal 5 we require 2 confirmations.
  • for amount more or equal 10 we require 3 confirmations.
  • for amount more or equal 20 we require 6 confirmations.
  • for amount less than next threshold we require 1 confirmation.
  • for amount more or equal 10 we require 2 confirmations.
  • for amount more or equal 20 we require 3 confirmations.
  • for amount more or equal 50 we require 6 confirmations
  • for amount less than next threshold we require 1 confirmation.
  • for amount more or equal 5 we require 2 confirmations.
  • for amount more or equal 10 we require 3 confirmations.
  • for amount more or equal 20 we require 6 confirmations.

There is an option to “randomize”

The randomize option allows users to receive more than one back transaction their wallet after mixing. Without enabling this option, users will get one backward transaction with clear coins, but once enabled users will receive 2 or more transactions per output address. However, there are different minimum of payout for each coin in order to activate the randomize option. Bitcoin transactions need to be at least 0.10000000 BTC, while Dash and Litecoin transactions needs to have a minimum of 1.00000000 DASH and 1.00000000 LTC, respectively.

Letter of Guarantee

BitMix.Biz provides a Letter of Guarantee, which is a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by their server. The signature will directly be originated from their main Bitcoin account to provide users a level of confidence in the transaction. As a proof of obligation, the Letter of Guarantee also serves as a receipt that users can use to report problems regarding the mixing process.

In order to verify the Letter of Guarantee, you can go to your Bitcoin wallet and select File->Verify Message or Tools->Verify Message, paste their address (1BitmixQRMUHYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrZ), Letter of Guarantee as a message and digital signature. Click Verify.

Automatic log removal

Much like other Bitcoin mixing platforms, BitMix.biz also automatically delete their logs. This platform is one of the fastest in terms of log removal, which only takes 72 hours after transaction. However, there is an option to recover the logs once there is a request and they will only be requiring the Letter of Guarantee for the logs to be recovered.

Accessible via Tor

While BitMix.biz is also accessible via its clearnet domain, you can always (and it is highly recommended) use the Tor browser by following this URL:  http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion/

BitMix.biz - how much is the fee?

BitMix.biz offer a very flexible payment scheme for their users. In general, they charge a fee range, depending on the amount of the transaction and if the user opted for the randomized option, they will be charged a fixed mining fee per output address. Here’s a summary of their fees:


from 0.4% to 4% + mining fee 0.0003 per output address(*2 if randomize option is enabled)


from 0.4% to 4% + mining fee 0.0003 per output address(*2 if randomize option is enabled)


from 2% to 20% + mining fee 0.0003 per output address(*2 if randomize option is enabled)

How long does a mixing take on BitMix.biz?

The platform does not necessarily guarantee that the mixing process will be completed instantly. On their website, BitMix.biz said that the mixing process can take up to 24 hours. Most of the transactions are completed almost instantly, but there are cases where the transaction takes a longer time to complete depending on the site’s service load.

What is the minimum/maximum deposit limit?

There are minimum amounts that BitMix.biz require to initiate a mix. The summary of these limits are listed below:


minimal amount of Bitcoin for mixing is 0.005 per output address.


minimal amount of Dash for mixing is 0.005 per output address.


minimal amount of Litecoin for mixing is 0.005 per output address.

All deposits made below the minimum amount will be considered as donations and will not be refundable.

What are the advantages of using BitMix.biz?

The Letter of Guarantee provides contractual security

One of the most important factors to look at a Bitcoin mixing service is the security and legitimacy of their business with you. Having a verifiable Letter of Guarantee provides user a layer of security as it outlines the terms of the transaction and serves as a contractual obligation for the mixer.

They have flexible terms

BitMix.biz have flexible terms in terms of pricing, limits, confirmations etc. This means that these factors are determined depending on the amount of Bitcoin transaction is dealing with. Having a flexible system gives small-scale Bitcoin owners access to the platform as they are not forced to pay the same fees as those with big budgets.

What are the disadvantages of SmartMix.io?

Their support can only be contacted through email

If there is a problem with a transaction, BitMix.biz can only be reached by emailing them at [email protected] While users can always use a fake email when doing so, it still doesn’t erase the fact that this compromises the user’s privacy. The whole point of mixing coins is to provide a certain level of anonymity to users, however, having users email them is counterintuitive to that idea.

Their fee could be cheaper or more expensive

Having a flexible rate in terms of the fees imposed is a double-edged sword. On one hand, small-scale users have an option to mix their coins at 0.4% (which is relatively a lower rate than most coin mixers). On the other hand, the fee could go as high as 4%, which is exponentially higher than most coin mixers.