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All in all, SmartMixer.io is one of the best Bitcoin mixing platforms available in the market right now. It has a straightforward process that can be done without logging in or creating an account. One of the features that set the platform apart from others is that it available on both Android and iOS devices which makes it more convenient. It also has very good support as they can be contacted both via email and Telegram. However, the major drawback in using this platform is that the minimum service fee is slightly higher than other platforms at 1%.

  • Low deposit
  • Low fee
  • Mobile friendly page
  • Good support

What is SmartMixer.io?

SmartMixer.io is one of the most popular Bitcoin mixers available online. It works by mixing your coins together with a pool of other coins, depending on the category, and replacing them with new, fresh, and untraceable coins. There are different pool categories that are available on the platform: Standard Pool: Traditional and offers the basic type of mixing, where they mix your funds with incoming funds from other clients. Smart Pool: This pool uses three different sources of coins to cleanse your coins. They use parts of huge mixing amounts of the Standard Pool, private reserves of Smartmixer and funds from investors. Stealth Pool: The Stealth Pool isn’t related in any way to coins of the Standard Pool. Instead, it relies only on reserves of Smartmixer and Coins from Investors. It is the safest method to mix your coins.

Mix your coins with SmartMixer.io

SmartMixer.io Features

Available in other cryptocurrencies

SmartMixer.io is one of the Bitcoin mixing platforms that also offer mixing services for other cryptocurrencies. With the platform, you will be able to get untraceable coins for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Etherium.

No Account/Login System

Since the main point of mixing coins is to provide a layer of anonymity to users, it is intuitive for SmartMixer to a No Account System, where users are not required to create an account before they can start to mix their coins. In order to mix coins, you can follow the following steps: 

  1. Choose the desired currency you wish to mix.
  2. Enter the destination address to receive the clean coins.
  3. Set the percentage fee
  4. Set the delay duration
  5. Download the Letter of Guarantee.
  6. Send the coins to the generated address.
  7. Receive clean coins

It is important to note that you can perform all of these tasks by simply accessing their website or their Tor site and mix coins directly on their platform.

Letter of Guarantee

SmartMixer.io provides a Letter of Guarantee, which is a digitally signed confirmation that this address has truly been generated by their server. The signature will directly be originated from their main Bitcoin account to provide users a level of confidence in the transaction. As proof of obligation, the Letter of Guarantee also serves as a receipt that users can use to report problems regarding the mixing process.

Automatic log removal

To increase the level of privacy that SmartMixer provides to their users, they are deleting all logs once transactions are completed and this happens in no more than 24 hours. Alternatively, users can also manually delete their logs once their transactions have already been processed.

Accessible via Tor

While Blender.io is also accessible via its website, you can always (and it is highly recommended) use the Tor browser by following this URL: smrtmxdxognxhv64.onion/

Smart code

A Smart Code is a unique hash that is generated with your first mixing operation. This link is very important, because only with this, the platform can ensure that a person never receives his own cryptocurrencies back after mixing. Additionally, this link allows you to benefit from their Smart Loyalty Program. The more you mix with this link, the bigger the discounts on the fees. Just make sure to enter your Smart Code before every Mixing Operation.

SmartMix.io - how much is the fee?

With SmartMixer.io, you have the option to set your own service fee starting from 1%. Also, you will be charged with an extra “miner’s fee” for every payout address in your transaction. Here’s a summary of their fees:

Min. Service Fee
Miners’ Fee per receiving address
0.00023225 BTC
0.035 LTC
Bitcoin Cash
0.00523225 BCH

How long does a mixing take on SmartMix.io?

According to their website, every mixing transaction can take up to 24 hours (depending on the preset delay that the user chooses. They only need three (3) blockchain confirmations before starting the mixing process.

Why use SmartMixer.io?

You can start mixing even by using your smartphone

In the fast-paced, mobile-centric world, it is important that services can be accessed through mobile phones. With this, you can download SmartMixer mobile app on both iOS and Android, allowing you to mix coins with just one tap of your finger.

Good Support

There are two options for users to contact SmartMixer for support questions. Users can contact them through email and through telegram. The more advisable way of contacting the platform for any questions or problems on your transactions is through Telegram as it has a really good end-to-end encryption feature that safekeeps your conversations. Support usually responds within 24 hours, a pretty good response time across the industry.

What are the disadvantages of SmartMix.io?

Slightly high minimum service fee

As mentioned earlier, SmartMixer.io allows users to set their own service fee and the higher the service fee, the faster and more anonymous the mixing transaction would be. However, the minimum fee that users can choose to pay is 1% which is slightly higher from other platforms that offer 0.4% and 0.5% minimum service fee.